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Offset Printing

No matter if your printing needs involve brochures, business cards or single page photocopying to full colour banners, at DPHQ we provide offset printing technology that will deliver the results you need.

Digital Printing

At DPHQ we produces great quality print with vibrant colours. Small or large quantity of prints, we have the right processes and the technology to deliver the quantity your business or personal needs.

Architectural Printing

In Architectural printing accuracy and detailed print quality is essential to eliminate misread details or incorrect scaling representations. When precision in your printing is essential at DPHQ we will make sure your drawings and plans reflect your vision

General Printing & Copying

Despite our years of experience and modern technology for sophisticated printing works, we do not overlook smaller printing projects. Added benefit is that our customers still benefit from our industry knowledge for their small printing projects. Photocopying, printing, business card or even business reports.

Promotional Printing

Our passion is fueled by fussion of colours and creative printing, so when you have promotional printing projects, we are as enthusiastic as you are. Our services extend across printing brochures, booklets, banners, large format signage or billboard. Speak to us for professional advice.

Corporate & Printing

At DPHQ we have been assisting Corporate clients with private and large scale printing needs. Annual reports, shareholder meetings, presentations, employee communications and much more. Our dilligent approach is implemented to ensure no discrepancies are found, no delays expected by clients. We deliver cost effective and superb service in corporate and governance fields.

Our Services at Glance

We can help you with most printing projects from simple to complex. Often we supprort our clients with unique projects that does not fit the standard printing platforms. Your unique projects make us unique in our services. We welcome your most challanging project.

  • Off Set Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • General Printing & Copying
  • Architectural Copying & Printing
  • Corporate Printing
  • Unique & Creative Projects
  • Private and Confidential
  • Office Printing Solutions
  • Large Quantity Printing
  • Overnight Printing